The Black Diamond Headphone Amplifier

Capturing the delicacy of music is the key to audio reproduction. The Black Diamond headphone amplifier, through the use of step-up transformers for gain, and a feedback free solid state buffer circuit, preserves the delicate audio signal like no other technology.

Unlike the bloom from tubes, or the clinical dryness from transistors, the Black Diamond's step up transformers provide gain with a rightness and coherence so often lacking in other amplification methods. Usually deemed too expensive for home audio equipment, our transformers are custom made for us by Cinemag, and are some of the best in the world. They are similar to those used in the most expensive phono stages and top end recording studio equipment. The sound they produce is clean and clear, undistorted, yet present and alive sounding.

Additionally, our feedback free circuits use transistors to do what they do best, to provide current and impedance matching to drive the transformers and headphones. Through the combination of high quality buffers and transformers, the Black Diamond produces stunning musical sound, throws a huge precision-point soundstage, provides ample power and drive even the most finicky of headphones, and is whisper quiet, with no hiss, hum, or noise of any sort.

Please read about the technical design of the amplifier at our d.i.y. blog, or try one yourself. The Black Diamond is now available from our Square Shop for $1600. International buyers, please contact us directly for payment options.

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