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News: Torpedo III kits now available through and have been picked by Innerfidelity for their Holiday Gift Guide :: We have Cinemag made high nickel parafeed output transformers for headphone amps in our Square Shop :: We have t-shirts for sale in our Square Shop.

Reviews: The L-2 Headphone Amplifier at Innerfidelity and at Head-Fi :: the L-2, DSHA-1, and Black Diamond prototype at Head-Fi.

Products: Black Diamond Headphone Amplifier :: MORKT SAMFUNN Stereo Console :: Torpedo Headphone Amplifier Kit :: odds and ends ...

Discontinued Products: L-2 Headphone Amplifier :: DSHA-1 Headphone Amplifier

D.I.Y.: The Apsara Amplifier :: The Black Diamond Headphone Amp, pt. 1 :: The Black Diamond Headphone Amp, pt. 2 :: The Caged Frog 2 Headphone Amp :: The Basics of Parafeed :: more ...

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